H&LP provides services to its customers in a wide spectrum of areas and in a diversified kind of equipment’s, independently of its urban classification or use.

The valuators present more than 30 years of experience in the area and have a high grade of academic and curricular specialization, allowing managing high standard valuations in its complexity or dimension.

Any criteria or valuation method is based with the purpose indicated by the client and it is in compliance with the International Valuation Standards (IVS).

All the valuations delivered by H&LP are properly justified and certified.


H&LP provides services in the following areas:

  • Valuations of Urban and Rural Asset´s;
  • Valuations with Banking Loan finalities;
  • Valuations for Accounting or Fiscal purposes;
  • Valuation of Industrial Equipment’s;
  • Valuations of Asset Portfolios;
  • Valuations for Legal purposes;
  • Valuations for Inheritance purposes;
  • Valuations for simple transaction purposes;
  • Others;

Complementarily the company also provides services in:

  • Topographic Surveys;
  • Surveys, Measurements and Project/Plants elaboration;
  • Energétic Cerificates
  • New Buildings Technical Managment and Oversight


The company presents a methodology approach to the services requested with the following:

  • Collect the information related to the asset with de customer and programs the visit;
  • Visit/Survey;
  • Compilation of all documentation;
  • Verification of Urban Conditionings;
  • Market Research;
  • Information Treatment;
  • Calculations;
  • Provisional version of the report;
  • Internal Validation;
  • Customers Validation;
  • Definitive version of the report;
  • Delivery of the report in paper and in digital format´s;


The company, depending on the nature of the Valuation a documental basis to work with, these documents include information related to (Portuguese Documents):

  • Caderneta Predial (Building Booklet);
  • Registo da Conservatória do Registo Predial (Building Registry);
  • Licença de Utilização (Utilization License);
  • Alvará de Licença de Construção (Construction Charter);
  • Licença de Habitabilidade (Habitability license;
  • Consulta e Pareceres de Entidades (Edifícios Classificados) (Classified Buildings Entities approvals or conditionings);
  • Conditioning rules of Urban Planning;
  • Plants/Projects;
  • Contracto de arrendamento (Lease contracts);
  • Contrato de exploração/concessão (Grant or exploration contracts);
  • Others;

Areas of Practice


Commercial/Business – Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Cafés, Shops, Offices, Parking places, Gas Station, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Others;

Housing – Apartments, Villas, Farms, Parking Places, Housing Buildings;

Services – Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Clinics, others;

Tourism – Hotels, Golf Courses, Residential Hotels, Apart hotels, others;

Others – Rural and Urban Soil, Public Infra-Structures, all kind of commercial activities;

Methods and Standards


H&LP presents its report according to the standards of the I.V.S. (International Valuation Standards) with the E.V.S. (European Valuation Standards) and with the Redbook from R.I.C.S. (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

The company is registered at CMVM witch is the Portuguese regulator on this matter, and for which respects the methods of the regulation Nº 8/2002 of the investment Funds which are:

  • Income Method – Income Approach;
  • Market Comparison Method – Market Approach;
  • Cost Method – Cost Approach;

In other specific types of valuations the company uses, different methods all based on the Market Value like the method of the Residual Value, in a Static and Dynamic approaches, the Reposition Method or other similar ones depending the type of Valuation. To obtain a fair value the company uses regardless of the different methods, the one based on the criteria of the better and bigger use available.


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