H&LP is a company that works in the area of valuation and consulting, contributing with proven expertise in all subjects related mostly with real estate assets. However the company also works with any other type of assets as it is written on its webpage. The company team is composed with professionals with experience in this market for more than 30 years, and they are all certified by responsible entities that control these activities in Portugal, C.M.V.M. Nº PAI/2013/0055. The company works mostly in the areas of consulting in big real estate investment projects, feasibility of projects, Portfolios management, diversified kind of valuations, Market Researches, Forecast Reports, Legal expertise intervention, and many other things, working in the entire country The logistics are organized in the way that can provide its professionals all the technical and human resources in order to obtain the maximum satisfaction, efficiency and quality with short term deliveries.

Standards and Values

H&LP guarantees to work and interact with its clients with efficiency, objectivity, according with legal regulations promoting the customers maximum satisfaction.

The interaction Customer/Company and the necessary exchange of information are based in the company values such as:

  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality
  • Competence
  • Quality

In order to provide its customers a good service, the company invests in regular formation of its professional promoting better internal functioning methodologies, with small environmental impacts and estate of the art technics  used all over the world using English in its reports.


The H&LP in order to promote a quick, professional and satisfactory service, gives its employees all the tools necessary that allow them to provide a competent and safe service to the customer, it has its own cars, computers with all the programs necessary, printing tools with wide format, and powerful storage devices that allow to keep the information in the time obliged by law. The surveyors are delivered in paper and in digital formats.


Team – Professionals with formation in the areas of architecture, engineering, Statistics and experience in the areas of valuation and studies in real estate market.

Areas of Expertise – Civil Engineering, Urban Planning Engineering, Statistics and Information Managing, Real Estate Sciences, Real Estate Valuation and Mobile Assets Valuations, Design and Rehabilitation  of Pavements, Neural Networks and Statistical Inference;


  • Banks
  • Companies
  • Public Entities
  • Investment Funds
  • Lawyers
  • Ordinary People
  • Non Profitable Organizations
  • Legal Courts


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